—Hi, I’m  Sujan.

I’m from Chennai, India and I'm obnoxiously obsessive about fine details and typography. I’m sure I make the best ginger tea in the world...probably.

In my spare time, I design interfaces and games, code for the web, write and take pictures.


A local social network for activities. Being the sole designer for this project, I worked on the branding, layouts, screens, icons and whatnot across iOS, Android and the web. Also coded the web interface.

The Gianetti Archives

A simple app for a small sculpture and paintings collection museum. Explantion of the exhibits and the history behind each of the paintings.


A iOS and web app that shows you concerts and events happening in the vicinity. I designed app, and developed the web front-end.


Vector drawings done for various clients.



An intuitive and minimalist HTML+CSS framework for designers and newbie devs. Read more about it or check it out on GitHub 


Redesigning Wikipedia

Wikipedia’s great, no doubt. But can it be made better? Here’s my take on what can be improved. Read all about it on my blog.