I’m Sujan.

I’m a designer, traveller, amateur front-end coder, wannabe writer and a noob photographer. Currently into scuba diving and mountain climbing. I’ve taught myself everything I know. I’m always learning new things, and failing at many.

I’m a nihilist with a positive outlook, and subscribe to the objective truth.

Currently helping to build digital financial infrastructure for India at Setu. You can find me on Substack and Instagram.

This site is a WIP.

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Project Fable

What happens if a soul accrues no karma? A WIP epic fantasy novel that explores karma or the lack thereof. Set in ancient India, based on Hindu lore.

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Archetype Foundry

My one-man type design studio specialising in monospace fonts, for use in coding and long-form drafting.

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An intuitive front-end JS framework for quickly iterating UI design with code. Style elements with plain English syntax. Aimed at designers wanting to get into basic code.

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An Anthology of Causality

An collection of stories exploring cause, effect, and consequences.

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More projects

I’ll add more work here as time progresses